Tank Assurance

General Oil agrees to replace your oil tank if a leak develops in accordance to the following plan for the sum of $49.95 per year, payable in advance, we will render all services listed:

Replace Your 275/330 Oil Tank

  • At first sign of a leak we will install a magna patch to slow or stop leak.
  • Remove leaking tank at our earliest available appointment
  • Inspect tank legs and piping, replace (at additional cost) if necessary or reinstall
  • Pump any existing oil into new tank if necessary (we try to replace when tank is very low)
  • Sweep and pick up any oil absorbent used, apply oderout (we are not a cleaning service!)

Tank Assurance Does Not Cover Any Damage to The Area

  • Basement furniture, rugs, flooring, etc. are not covered!
  • Grass and/or bushes in the vicinity of outside tanks are not covered!
  • This policy covers the tank removal and reinstallation.

This contract is only valid if all fuel oil requirements are purchased during the period from General Oil Co.