Maintenance Plan

June 1, 2020-May 31, 2021

General Oil agrees to render service to your oil burner in accordance to the following plan for the sum of $207.39 per year, payable in advance, we will render all services listed.

Complete Summer Maintenance

  • Replace nozzle, filter and pump strainer
  • Clean, lubricate and adjust burner
  • Vacuum boiler or furnace and smoke pipe
  • Inspect and adjust burner controls
  • Check all safety relays and controls
  • Check and lubricate blower assembly

Emergency Service

  • NO CHARGE for one after hours service call, excluding Holidays.
  • NO CHARGE for weekday service calls, excluding Holidays.
  • NOT INCLUDED contracted work (i.e. tankless, combustion chamber or boiler replacements, generally, service work requiring more than 2 hours labor.)
  • NOT INCLUDED out of oil.
  • OIL BURNER PARTS will be replaced when necessary at a reasonable charge.

Summer Maintenance must be scheduled during contract period.  Check the following before telephoning: service switch at the top of the stairs, thermostat not set high enough, oil in tank, blown fuse, water in boiler, etc.  THIS CONTRACT IS ONLY VALID IF ALL FUEL OIL REQUIREMENTS ARE PURCHASED DURING THE PERIOD FROM GENERAL OIL CO.