HVAC Services

We service many makes and models of Oil Fired heating equipment, Central AC and Ductless units. Our experienced technicians can design and install heating and cooling systems for your Home and/or Small Business.

Are You Burning Oil Or Money?

You can answer that better than we can. Depending upon conditions and locale, statistics show a savings of up to 35%. Don’t be too surprised if your oil burner has become inefficient. Industry statistics show that more than half the burners in service have been passed by modern technology.

How Old Is Your System?

If there are more than 20 candles on the cake, don’t bother to blow them out. Just give us a call. Any oil burner more than twenty years old, probably needs service and may need replacement. Not that a mature oil burner won’t work, it will, but its efficiency may be reduced and your fuel bill might be higher than they should be. The average life span of an indoor heating tank is 25-30 years. Is it time to upgrade your tank?

Service Contracts & Annual Inspections

Please be advised all oil storage tanks should be inspected by the homeowner’s, periodically, to assure the tank is in serviceable condition. If deterioration or leaks are observed (or if you plan on remodeling or relocating the tank), please contact our office immediately. If you are thinking about upgrading or replacing your tank, please call our office. Read more about our Oil Burner Service Maintenance Contract.

Why Should I Have My Heating System Cleaned Yearly?

Throughout the heating season, small amounts of carbon collect on the heat exchanger walls of your boiler or furnace. Carbon insulates these surfaces, preventing proper transfer of heat, resulting in “useful heat” lost up the chimney. If your heating system was put in a car, it would travel approximately 50,000 miles annually. Whether your system is tuned-up in March or November has little impact on its readiness for winter.

Oil Tanks

They’re many important aspects to an Oil Tank. The following information could help you determine if your oil tank is in good condition. You will also find the newest options that are available to help extend the life of your Oil Tank. Be sure to check out our Tank Assurance policy, valued at approximately $2000.